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  • Cycling Track



Hosting two cycling disciplines: Track and Road Race.

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Come and be soothed in the heart of Tottori Prefecture!

In the central region of Tottori Prefecture, discover a variety of attractions such as the historical townscape of Kurayoshi (white-walled storehouses), Nashikkokan (Japan’s only pear museum) and Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory’s collection and works of the author of “Detective Conan”. The region also features a large onsen (hot spring) resort comprising of four Onsen (Misasa, Sekigane, Hawai and Togo) . Enjoy fine food and savor some of the most delicious seafood from the Sea of Japan and fresh wild vegetables picked from the mountains. Local gourmet dishes such as beef bone ramen and Ago flying fish cutlets are a must try! This is the place to soothe your tired legs between and after the races and enjoy quality time of relaxation!