Recommended Sightseeing Courses

Recommended Sightseeing Courses Recommended Sightseeing Courses

Central Tottori (Kurayoshi, Yurihama, Misasa, Hokuei, and Kotoura) and Hiruzen in Okayama Pref. have their own lifestyles, foods, and festivals, which make you feel refreshed, as the wisdom and community ties have always been inspiring the townspeople to love the land, pass down the traditions, and create the culture. See, hear, eat, and experience – to feel this comfortable atmosphere. Check out a range of fun sightseeing options for all ages!

Tourist Plans

Tottori Nijisseiki Pear Museum

4-hour Sightseeing Plan: History and Culture Gems

Visit the sacred Mt. Mitoku (with a history of more than 1,300 years), Japan’s only pear-themed museum and Kurayoshi’s white-walled storehouses (known as Kurayoshi Shirakabe Dozo-gun), a nationally an Important Preservation District for Group of Traditional Buildings!

Seafood Bowl

5-hour Sightseeing Plan: Detective Conan Adventures and Seafood Delight

Enjoy viewing the picturesque Lake Togo and visit Chinese Garden Enchoen. Then travel to Gōshō Aoyama Manga Factory and explore the world of Detective Conan at Conan Street. Finally, shop at Port Akasaki Roadside Station and savor fresh seafood!

Kurayoshi Shirakabe Dozo-gun

Full-day Sightseeing Plan

A full-day plan to enjoy iconic local sights, history, anime, gourmet and more!

Michi no Eki Hojo Koen

4.5-hour Sightseeing Plan: Gourmet Food & Sweets

A perfect plan for those who wants to enjoy both sightseeing and food! Enjoy gourmet dishes and sweets made with local ingredients.

Cycling Trails

Why not have a leisurely bike ride around central Tottori Prefecture when you are not racing? Enjoy the view of the beautiful ocean, mountains, and native woodlands surrounding villages!

Namishirure Sandogasa Stone Statues and Kiku Port

The Sea of Japan Coast and Eastern Daisen Foothill (Distance: 83km)

This trip not only includes tourist spots such as Kurayoshi Shirakabe Dozo-gun, but also offers mountain routes with spectacular views of the sea and takes you to a peaceful fisherman’s village and an intense mountain pass in Eastern Daisen. (Distance: 83km; Highest Elevation: 570m; Accumulated Elevation Gain: 811m)

Lake Togo

Picturesque Lake Togo and 4 Onsen Resort Trail(Distance: 73km)

Enjoy cycling around Lake Togo (12km), passing Hawai and Togo hot spring resorts. By going over a hill of pear farms, you will reach Misasa Onsen. Go over another hill to get to Sekigane Onsen. Enjoy a foot bath at each resort. A scenic route with lake, mountains and onsens! (Distance: 73km; Highest Elevation: 530m; Accumulated Elevation Gain: 847m)